These are some of the common drone questions we get asked. If there's anything you need answering, please get in contact.

How high and how far away can you fly?

Our drones are capable of reaching a significant distance from the operator (both horizontally and vertically). However, we must adhere to the limitations set in UK law. This means we will fly to a maximum altitude of 120m (400ft) from the surface of the Earth. In addition, we must maintain a visual line of sight of the drone when flying (circa 500m away). These limits are set in place to ensure the lowest possible risk while still enabling drone operations to take place in the UK.

How long can you fly for?

The technical specification of our drone equipment states that each battery lasts around half an hour before we must land and install a freshly charged one. However, in real-world conditions, we can stay in the air for about 20-25 minutes per battery. Don't worry, we carry plenty of spares to ensure we capture the right shots for you.

Are you insured?

Droney holds drone-specific insurance with cover of £1m public liability and £50,000 indemnity. These can be increased for specific projects, should a client require greater levels of cover. Our insurance is registered and logged by the Civil Aviation Authority and complies with (EC) No 785/2004.

What services do you offer?

Our primary service is the provision of high-quality still image photography. However, we also offer aerial video production for promotional material, site inspections, and search and rescue operations (including lost pets).

Can I see what is being filmed?

Yes! We stream the aerial drone footage in real-time to the remote control which allows the client on the ground to see what the drone camera is capturing. This enables us to adjust the camera and drone flight path as we fly to get the best shots.

How fast can you fly?

With our current equipment, we can reach speeds of up to 45mph. Wind speed and direction will affect this at times.

What about wind and rain?

We do not fly in high winds and rain. We can fly in winds gusting up to 20mph. Our advanced camera gimbal system gives very smooth shots in winds of up to about 15 mph. Our drones are capable of flying in light rain but droplets on the camera lenses can spoil any shots. We are quite happy to reschedule at no additional cost.

Can you fly close to people and buildings?

The CAA has laid out rules regarding this matter. The permissible distance to people and buildings is determined by the weight of the drone. Drones that weigh less than 250g are allowed to fly over people and buildings without any special permission. We also carry sub-250g drones to meet these requirements when needed. The only exceptions for lightweight drones are where there are crowds of people or designated No Fly Zones (NFZ) such as airports.